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The SQL part of the unified course covers the following modules:

  • Introduction to SQL
  • History, Tools, Terminologies used in SQL
  • In-depth analysis of all the terminologies in SQL
  • Data types, Simple table creation
  • Basics on data insertion, Basic select statement
  • Writing SQL statements
  • Case sensitivity, Constraints
  • Arithmetic expressions
  • Column aliases, Concatenation operators
  • Comparison operators, Precedence, Distinct
  • Between , Not between
  • In ,not In, Pattern matching using like
  • Escape sequence, Is null, is not null,
  • Logical operators
  • Order by, Functions,
  • Single row functions, Multirow functions
  • Group by  clause, Sub queries,
  • Joins, Case, Decode, Exists
  • Translate, Special  words, Dual, Rownum, Rowid,
  • Data Definition Language(DDL)
  • Create, Database objects, Drop
  • Alter, Rename, Truncate
  • Data Manipulation Language(DML)
  • Insert, Delete, Update, Merge
  • Transaction Control Language(TCL)
  • Commit, Rollback, Savepoint
  • Data Control language (DCL)
  • Grant , Revoke, Queries
  • Simple Queries, Complex Queries

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