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The Advanced Java part of the unified course covers the following modules:

  1. Exception Handling
    • Definition and the situations of occurrences
    • Exceptions and errors, Exception ducking
    • Exception Object, Hierarchy of exception
    • Exception classes, Types of exceptions
    • Handling exceptions, blocks and importance
    • Propagation of un-handled exceptions
    • Try, catch, throws, finally keyword
    • Custom exceptions and creating custom exceptions
    • Exceptions in inheritance
    • Programming examples in inheritance
  1. I/O, Files and Serialization
    • Creating files in different drives
    • Accessing files through objects
    • Buffered Reader and Buffered Writer
    • Stream Reader and Stream Writer          
    • Handling exceptions in I/O and nested blocks demo
    • I/O related classes, Serializing the objects
    • Inserting data into the files
    • Inserting serialized objects into the files
    • Fetching the data from the files
    • De-serialising the object and fetching it from the files
    • Programming examples on I/O Files and Serialization
  1. Networking in Java
    • Client and Server concepts
    • Socket programming, Server Socket
    • IP address , port number concepts
    • Programming examples in Networking
  1. Threads and Multi-threading
    • Definition, Multi-tasking types, Instantiation of threads
    • Life cycle of a thread: Thread states and transactions
    • Starting a thread, Joining a thread, Naming a thread
    • Thread priority
    • Garbage collection
    • Sleeping of a thread and importance
    • Thread priorities and yielding
    • Thread class and Runnable Interfaces
    • Creation threads using Thread class and Runnable interface
    • Synchronizing codes on threads
    • Synchronized methods
    • Synchronized blocks
    • Inter thread communication
    • Dead locks in threads
    • Programming examples on Threads
  1. Generics and Collections
    • Collection definitions
    • Hierarchy of collections
    • Collection interface
    • Collections class
    • List interfaces   
    • Various classes under collection
    • Builtin methods of all the above classes
    • Using collection frameworks for sorting :
      • Comparable Interface
      • Comparator Interface
    • Advantages of comparator over comparable
    • Overriding hashCode() and equals()
    • Wrapper classes
    • Byte, Short, Integer,       Long, Float,         Double
    • Character, Boolean
    • Auto Boxing and un boxing
    • Programming examples on Collections

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