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The Manual Testing part of the unified course covers the following modules:

  1. Introduction
    • What is Quality?
    • What is testing?
    • Why Testing?
  1. Software Development Life Cycle
    • Initial (or) Requirements phase
    • Analysis, Design, Coding & Testing phase
    • Delivery and Maintenance phase
  1. Testing Methodology
    • Black Box, White Box & Gray Box Testing
  1. Levels of Testing
    • Unit Level, Module Level, Integration Level,
    • System Level & User Acceptance Level Testing
  1. Environments
    • One Tier, Two Tier, Three Tier Architecture
    • N- Tier Architecture
  1. Software Development Models
    • Waterfall, Prototype, Evolutionary,  Spiral, Fish  & V-Model
  1. Types of Testing
    • Build Verification, Regression, Re-Testing,
    • Alpha,   Beta, Static, Dynamic, Installation,
    • Compatibility, Usability, End-To-End, Exploratory,
    • Security, Port, Reliability, Mutation, Adhoc Testing
  1. Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Test Planning, Contents of Test Plan
  1. Test Development
  • Use Case Reviews, Types of Test Cases
  • Formats of Testing Documents
  • Testing Process, Test case design
  • Test design techniques, BVA, ECP
  1. Test Execution
    • Execution Process
    • End-to- End Scenarios execution
    • Result Analysis
  1. Bug Tracking and Reporting
    • Types of Bugs, Identifying the Bugs
    • Isolation the Bugs, Bug Life Cycle
    • Reporting the Bugs, Classical Bug Reporting
    • Bug Tracking Tool
  1. Test Closure Activity
  • Test Execution stop criteria
  • Test summary reports
  1. Real Time Process Awareness with Terminology
  • Quality Assurance, Quality Control
  • NCR, Inspection, Audit, CAPA
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Build Release process, SRN, SDN, Slippage
  • S/W Delivery process, Reviews, Peer-Review
  • Traceability Matrix, Metrics
  • Test Bed, Escalation Process
  • Base Lining the Documents
  • Publishing the documents
  • Common Repository Management
  • Patch, PPM, PPR, MRM, Defective Product
  • Change Request, Impact Analysis, Walk Through
  • Code Walk Through, Code Optimization
  • Work Around, Defect Age, Latent Defect
  • Defect Product, Test Suite, Prototype
  • Review Report, Template
  1. Test Metrics
  • Importance of test metrics
  • Different types of metrics
  1. Ways of Testing
  • Manual Testing, Automation Testing
  • Drawbacks of Manual Testing
  • Drawbacks of Automation Testing

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